When your tenant does not pay rent on time, you need to have a consistent process in place that will help you ensure the rent is caught up and timely payments are made going forward. Today, we’re sharing some of the steps you’ll need to take if your tenant doesn’t pay the rent when it’s due.

What to Do if Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent: Maintain a Strong Lease

When you’re renting out a property, it’s important to set the tone and your expectations as early as possible. During the lease signing, be clear with the tenant about when rent is due in full and how it should be paid. This will let your tenant know what you expect and what they are responsible for doing.

What if Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent: Filing a Three Day Notice

If your tenant doesn’t pay rent within the given time frame, and the grace period has come and gone, you need to file a Three Day Notice. This notice gives your tenant an additional three days to come up with the rent as well as any late fees or posting fees. This is their last chance to catch up with their payment before you move towards eviction.

Tenant Not Paying Rent: Filing for Eviction

When the three days have passed and the tenant still has not performed or paid rent, you need to go to court and start the eviction process. Basically, this is a matter of paperwork. Take your documentation down to the court so you can show that you provided your tenant with a Three Day Notice. The court will have you fill out a form to apply for an eviction hearing. Once that’s processed, you’ll get a court date. This can take a couple of weeks, and even longer depending on the time of year.

Often, the tenant will work something out with you or pay the rent before your court date arrives. At that point, you can cancel the court date and avoid the eviction.  

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